This quick and simple "Needs Analysis" tool will allow us to quickly determine which of our services are most relevant to you.  We'll then follow up with a call to ensure we've understood everything correctly.
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Family assistance:
Settling-in, Education advise/school search, Partner assistance and language training

Accommodation Search:
Temporary accommodation/serviced apartments, Rental/purchased accommodation, lease/purchase negotiation, inventory check-in & check-out and furniture rental

Move assistance:
Welcome packs/information packs, orientation/look see visits and cross cultural training

Property assistance:
Tenancy management, assignee property management/ vacant property reports

Departure assistance:
Lease termination, property check, Cleaning services and termination of accounts

HR support:
Policy audit, Visa/ work permit consultancy and HR team training

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A member of the Gerson team will call you within 24 hrs (on {{answer_15014969}}), to discuss the following services with you:


We will also send an email to {{answer_15014924}} just to confirm the details we've received from you and advise on next steps.

We look forward to assisting {{answer_15014886}} with your {{answer_15013958}} Assignees, across {{answer_15014040}}  Destinations and will work with you to ensure timeframes and expectations are met and exceeded where possible.

Thank you and speak very soon,

Phil Oakey, 
Business Development.